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Philosophy Round Table Blog

Philosophy Round Table Blog

Welcome to Philosophy Round Table Blog. Here you can view opinionated philosophy articles and voice your own opinion. Enjoy reading everyone’s point of view and we will enjoy reading yours. Feel free to ask any questions in any of the comments and we will answer you as soon as possible.

Here at the philosophy round table we encourage debating of all posts. We want to learn everyone’s point of view. Try to make us change our point of view with quick wits and a level head.

We encourage you to also view the Philosophy Round Table Forum. There you can make an opinionated post and defend your point of view, get opinions on essays and perfect your final products.

Philosophy Round Table Blog Rules & Policies:

There are not many rules at the Philosophy Round Table. Discussions of all kinds are encouraged. We only require you to be respectful. We Generally define respect as poorly describing your true statement well adding hurtful remarks or just adding unnecessary hurtful remarks.

If you do not agree to someone’s point of view here at the Philosophy Round Table, you have the ability to not respond and not continue reading a thread. Therefor no disrespectful talk of any kind will be tolerated. Being banned is possible and based on a case by case basis.

If you have an article of your own, let us know in the comments and we will contact you, review your post, and more than likely post it. We will allow one link toward any philosophy related website your involved with in any post you create.

You comment and post at your own risk. Philosophy Round Table is not liable for anything said by commenters on our blog however we will do our best to moderate everything. We take everyone’s opinion seriously and will greatly consider each and every argument made.